Registration systems

tempcoolRivado has a completely mobile temperature registration read out system for
almost every digital temperature registration system.
Our service vans are specially  equipped to read out these temperature
control systems.

Temperature data information is very important for a temperature claim after transport.
Many of of the irregular claims to hauliers are caused by wrongly cooled freight.

We are also able to verify or check the following issues:

– Wrong temperature settings (setpoint)
– Wrong working  cool motor
– Not starting cool motor (off on ship)
– Wrong connected cool motor on electric (380 volt)
– Loading freight, which is too cold or too warm
– Diesel problems
– Frost damage
– Insufficient circulation in the trailer

The following temperature registration systems we are able to read out :

– GE/TIP Veriwise track and trace control systems
– Thermo King : built in systems SMX , DAS, DRS
– Carrier : built in systems Vector , extern Carrier Ramlog
– Groeneveld : Track en Trace systems
– Ryan systems
– Sensitech Temptale digital data loggers

The data files will be send directly to our clients by email.