Checking trailers


Many transport companies choose for an unaccompanied transport from the Netherlands to England and from England to the Netherlands. There is one big
risk with this kind of transportation. There is a change that the trailer is getting damaged on board of the ferry or at the ferry terminal. Also, the trailer can be damaged on shore in the Netherlands or in England as well.

Since each trailer are collected and delivered by different drivers, the
damage will not or hardly be noticed by the driver. Most drivers don’t notice at all
that there is a new damage.

Our company is continuously checking trailers at the Dutch ferry terminals.

We will check trailers for new damage on ferry terminals, auctions and other locations.
To recognise the new damage, we have a special recognition system. In this way identification of  the damage only needs to be done once. There is almost no chance that the same damage is identified several times. Drivers who are collecting trailers can see by our unique system that every damage has been registered.

Our clients will daily receive reports of the damaged and checked trailers. We will send the damage reports by fax and if needed digital photos  by email. In this way our clients can see where the damage has caused.

With our damage reports and photos it’s possible to claim the damage.

At the same time we look after the trailer. Is it possible to drive safely with this trailer?
Can the trailer be used for a new load and can it be shipped again?

We will look after damage and we also look after:

– refrigeration units (test the unit, fix battery and fuel problems)
– Landing legs
– (sliding gantry) air coupling devices
– Lights and 7 pole electric sockets
– Tyre profiles, air suspensions
– Doors , tail lifts, rear bumpers, door seals
– Fuel tanks, fuel caps

Small (temporary) repairs will be fixed at the ferry terminals.
In this way the trailer can be used directly for the next loading and shipping.
This enables a high trailer effinciency for our customers, every day!
If the trailer is not repairable by us, we will directly notify the client.

Rivado : an indispensable part of your logistics chain!